"Working Dogs Deserve Much More Respect" | Jay Meranchik, President/FounderI have been involved with pets all of my life, including years of pioneering work proving how pets can enhance the lives of so many people. That work has been successful, as seen all over this country in many volunteer programs that bring pets and humans together, through pet therapy.

My work is not done; I have found a big problem that needs to be addressed. It involves police K-9s who have completed their service as police officers, protecting the public in so many ways.

At the end of their tour of duty, the K-9 becomes a financial burden to the officer, for care involving food, veterinary services, and medicines. These officers typically assume ownership of their K-9 partners, along with their financial burdens, because if they do not, these K-9 heroes are usually faced with euthanasia.

Now it is our turn to pay back our K-9 police dogs with retirement plans that will secure their wellbeing in the few years that they have left, without putting the financial l burden on the police officers and their families involved in the care of their newly retired dog.

Please join us in making the last few years of these police dogs’ lives a reward for the work they have done, with their willingness to put their lives down in front of the officers, in addition to protecting our society and way of life in America in various ways.

Your donation will do just that! Please give generously to the National K-9 Working Dog, Inc., and help us provide these heroes with the retirements they deserve.



Founder and President of National K-9 Working Dogs, Jay Meranchik


Jay Meranchik
President / Founder