1) To provide financial security to retired police dogs.

2) To provide for working K-9’s that have been retired early for medical reasons; giving these dogs a retirement they justly deserve with vet services, medicine and food.

3) To provide equipment and services to the working dogs that serve and protect us now.

4) To provide quality of life assistance to service dogs whose owners need help with medical expenses, equipment, care or feeding of their service animal.

5) To raise awareness and to educate the public about how to deal with service animals when they encounter them.

6) To assist in educating businesses in the rules and regulations of service dogs under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

7) To create a national registry of all working dogs and service dogs.

Policeman and his canine on dutyMY PARTNER

“My partner of many years is having some problems. His work is suffering. He can’t keep up with the stresses of the job.

He has looked for and found bombs in places you would not enter for fear of what you may breathe in or materials you should not be exposed to.

He has gone up against some of the worst criminal elements without a gun. He has faced bullets and knifes with just his badge.

He has gone out into the wild and found lost children and adults who would have perished for sure if not for him.

I love my partner but what do I do?

My partner has no health plan, no retirement or savings account, no insurance, and is not entitled to disability.

My partner will be retired. I am expected to take care of him. I am expected to pay for his medical bills, his medicine, his food and a place to live.

I am in the only profession where I, as a partner, will become responsible for… my Partner. So this is now my problem and I will be responsible because…

I am a K-9 officer and my partner was a police officer (a working dog) until that day. Now that he is retired, he is just a pet. He is no longer an officer because the government sees this retired police officer as a used piece of equipment to be discarded.

Now, I need your help in support of my loyal partner who protected you from criminals, drugs, bombs, terrorists and terrorist acts; and who found lost and trapped people. He has unselfishly abused his body for many years to perform the tasks he was trained to do on behalf of you, the American public.

He is a police K-9, a hero, and he needs your help. Won’t you help a K-9 hero today?”

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