In February 2012, the National K-9 Working Dog was one of the few South Florida non-profits to be accepted as part of the 3rd Annual University of Miami PhilADthrophy event. Under the direction of team leader, Taylor Palmer, in a 25-hour marathon session a group of three communication students created the yellow and black look we are now using. They designed our new logo, created the overall look of our brochures and letterhead, simplified our membership structure, and created some of our web elements. They also provided us with some wonderful posters and t-shirt ideas which we hope to have available for sale shortly.

We would just like to say thank you again for all of the hard work of these amazing students — Katelyn Murry, Christopher Hardgrove, and Rachel Holmes. We would also like to send kudos out to the University of Miami for the sponsorship of this event. It really does provide a valuable service to those non-profits that don’t have the extra funds to pay for professional design services.

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