The National K-9 Working Dog Inc. (NK9WD) is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization established to raise funds, conduct awareness programs, and make distributions related to the identification and support of working dogs, both active and retired, that protect and serve the public every day.

The NK9WD will create a national database registry for all working dogs (Police, Search & Rescue, and Service) so these dogs can be identified and given the critical equipment needed to protect their lives and wellbeing while doing their jobs serving and protecting the public.

K-9’s that have been hurt or retired for medical or age related reasons could be helped with vet services, medicine and food.

Provisions of food and vet services for any working service dog whose owner cannot afford to take care of them will be funded with corporate and public donations.

Through the registry we will help to make identification of service dogs easier in public when admittance to transportation and other places is needed.

In addition to raising funds, the NK9WD will also conduct public awareness workshops and events. The goal will be to help educate people about service dog awareness; how to deal with service dogs in public; who is considered a service dog; and what are the rights of service dogs and their handlers under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).