Jay is a current resident of South Florida. As one of the pioneers in the field of pet therapy, through his first organization, “The Feeling Heart Foundation,” Jay helped change the laws that had prohibited pets in nursing homes, hospitals and institutions.

In honor of his work, he’s been recognized with a Jefferson Award, appeared in a Walt Disney educational film with his own dog, and honored in proclamation by local commissioners and the Eastern Shore Veterinarians Association.

Now, 25 years later, after a successful career in the computer field, he is following his heart back to his first love… dogs.

In talking with law enforcement officials in several states he found out that there isn’t a retirement program for working police dogs. Officers who elect to keep their working dog out of loyalty and love must assume the full financial burden of the animal. For an older dog, that can amount to a considerable cost.

Most police K-9 departments don’t continue their financial responsibility for these dogs after their service. It’s unfortunate, but if the original handler can’t keep the dog due to the financial burden placed on their family, many police dogs are euthanized. Working dogs deserve much more respect than what currently exists.

As a trainer and owner of a service dog himself, Jay wants to make sure that every working K-9 has the opportunity to have the healthy and comfortable retirement they deserve.